Edmundite Missions

In April of 2015, one of the Catholic Sisters at the Edmundite Missions in Selma, Alabama, sent an email to the Missions Director, telling him there was a severe shortage of food and other resources for people who live in poverty in the Deep South.

Food stores were being used faster than normal due to an influx of school children who were on summer break and no longer able to receive free lunches at school. Also, due to the increased attendance, the Missions were worried about having to cut back the amount of grocery bags they distribute to their elderly and home-bound clients.

That email became the creative foundation for the Food Emergency Appeal, which also included a letter from the Director. The objective was to raise money quickly to restock the food stores at the Missions’ Nutrition Center.

The package was hugely successful, generating an 11.64% response rate and an average gift of $54.41.
In July of 2016, H&J received industry recognition for their efforts when we earned a Silver Award in the category, Nonprofit Special Appeal, Direct Mail Campaign, at the 2016 Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) Marketing Award for Excellence & Innovation (MAXI) Awards.

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