Military Officers Association of America

H&J was hired by MOAA in 2009 to grow their membership. Their members are mostly male with high incomes and education levels. Research revealed significant differences, however, between retired and active duty officers – not only in what they expected from their association, but also in terms of response to direct mail.

Membership levels shot up in response to new messaging that recognized the passion America’s military officers feel about what is happening in their country.

We tested a more commercial approach against MOAA’s simple control package and, as expected, prospects were much more responsive to traditional direct mail packages with multiple components – enough so to overcome the additional cost.

We also knew that MOAA members are particularly attuned to, and passionate about, current events. So, we began refining MOAA’s messaging in a way that would speak to prospects on the level that was most emotional for them. Accordingly, as the nation’s deficit crisis began to dominate the news, we created a package that was “ripped from the headlines,” yet was also directly relevant to prospects’ financial self-interest.

Once H&J found the right combination of elements, membership acquisition increased tremendously – from .93% to 1.57%!

To expand membership even more, H&J helped MOAA with creative for a multichannel “Member-Get-A-Member” sweepstakes.

H&J is now also assisting MOAA with lifetime member recruitment and lapsed member reactivation.

And finally, to enhance the overall membership experience and increase member retention, H&J is working in conjunction with MOAA on their WOW Experience cultivation program. Initial results show improvement in all areas.

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