The Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Conservancy contacted H&J because their membership file had stalled at about 35,000 members and was beginning to decline. We revamped much of their creative – for both appeals and acquisition – and instituted a series of concept and messaging tests.

The packages and tailored strategy H&J designed drastically cut acquisition costs, helped grow the donor file, and increased member retention.

We then used the test results to develop dual acquisition control packages that performed best on specific lists.

Using this “best package, best list” approach, we were able to mail more deeply into continuation lists without jeopardizing revenue. We also used this same strategy effectively on lapsed donor reactivation. At the same time, we continued to test modified versions of our co-controls as well as introduce new packages into the testing mix. These strategies cut the average investment per dollar raised through acquisition to less than $0.12.

We also helped The Ocean Conservancy develop and streamline a two-track renewal series, each of which included nine notices that mailed monthly. We totally redesigned most of the packages and continually made incremental improvements to this program, which are still in use today.

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