VFW National Home for Children

VFW National Home for Children came to H&J in 2010 with an urgent need to reverse the dangerous level of attrition in their donor file. We performed a careful and comprehensive review of their file as well as a thorough analysis of their best and worst performing packages.

H&J’s carefully crafted combination of strategy, testing, and new creative, revitalized a dormant acquisition program and completely reversed a dangerous rate of donor attrition.

Based on that assessment, we revamped VFW-NHC’s dormant acquisition program, starting with rigorous testing against their fatiguing and expensive control package, as well as extensive list testing. The results of our strategy and creative have been:

  • A 36 percent increase in acquisition response.
  • A 31 percent decrease in cost-per-dollar-raised.
  • A current acquisition response rate of over two percent.
  • Successful expansion of the list universe beyond VFW membership.

Results for their appeals and renewals have been equally impressive. Our Back to School package has generated a 9.73 percent response and an average gift of $55.33. For a selected segment of their $25+ donors, we developed an enhanced September Card package, and this new version resulted in a 17.63 percent response with an average gift of $44.47.

Special packages and offers to specific audiences like high value donors, Lifetime Members, VFW Post and Ladies Auxiliary generated enough additional income to subsidize the acquisition.

Even in the midst of an uncertain economy, H&J has made it possible for VFW-NHC to reinstitute an aggressive, and profitable program for acquiring new donors, as well as extend the value of their existing base of supporters.

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