Volunteers of America

This venerable organization benefited from a strategy that incorporated a range of communications channels, including integrating seasonal direct mail campaigns within their existing website.

H&J’s creative mix of multichannel communications has increased awareness and raised funds. Our strategy generated net income growth that more than justified the investment.

In spring 2005, for example, we rolled out a matching gift campaign in association with the Major League Baseball Players Trust. In cooperation with the client’s in-house programmer, we created a series of e-mails, with web-page specific links, to drive acquired names (non-direct mail names) to the site. There, donors and prospects were urged to make a gift directly to the baseball promotion. When they donated, sound effects played the crack of a baseball bat followed by the roar of a crowd, and graphics flashed the words, “HOME RUN!” and “THANK YOU” to the donor.

These integration techniques increased donations to the website and laid the foundation for future e-mail/web strategy.

Under H&J’s guidance, the direct mail program extended its boundaries to include telemarketing, the integration of the client website and numerous e-mail appeals. Best of all, these accomplishments did not come with a big price tag. In fact, net income increased each year. We successfully lowered the cost to acquire a donor from over $100 prior to H&J in 2003 to less than $15.

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