Catholic Charities

As of mid-2011, the benefits of multi-channel fundraising were being, as Hamlet said, “honored more in the breach than in the observance.” However, with creative and strategic guidance from H&J, Catholic Charities of Washington, DC, is making it happen.

Four years of growing Catholic Charities’ donor file led to a new comprehensive, cost-effective, message-driven multi-channel program.

After nearly four years of steadily and consistently growing Catholic Charities’ direct mail fundraising file, they called on us to help institute a truly comprehensive fundraising program across all available channels.

In this first year of testing the initiative, H&J is provided consistent graphics and messaging for four of the client’s key packages.

The components include:

  • Direct mail, including customized versions for high dollar and lapsed donors.
  • A “web button” that displays prominently on the clients website and links to a campaign-specific donation page.
  • A blog entry.
  • An e-mail appeal.
  • A Facebook posting.
  • Five Tweets.

The process required extensive coordination with the client’s development, marketing/communications, and IT departments. The transition from a more traditional silo approach to having the various departments work in sync toward a single fundraising goal was an exciting adventure.

Everyone remains invigorated by the new spirit of adventure. It’s rare for a small-to-medium sized organization to achieve this level of total message integration, but H&J has helped Catholic Charities accomplish it smoothly, easily and cost-effectively.

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