What We Do

H&J helps nonprofits and membership organizations increase revenue, grow their programs, and increase the lifetime value of donors and members.

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The H&J team knows the direct marketplace. And they know how and when to integrate auxiliary techniques like e-marketing, media advertising, and more.

The proof of any agency’s expertise is evident in the results it produces for its clients. H&J has been proving its expertise since 1964.

We supply the powerful combination of talent, knowledge and experience that motivates people to make a donation, buy a product or get involved in a cause.

Multi-Channel Fundraising

Huntsinger & Jeffer is more than a direct mail agency. We specialize in creating strategy-driven multi-channel fundraising campaigns that help your nonprofit continue to grow in the years ahead.

Strategic Planning

An effective strategic plan strikes a careful balance between costs and results, so you get the maximum return for your direct marketing dollar.


Results-driven analysis is about learning from the past. It’s about examining the results of your campaign, and then using what you’ve learned to be even more effective the next time.


Creative that’s truly compelling integrates every single element of copy, design, and graphics so the final result is much greater than the sum of its parts.


Our detailed knowledge of every phase of direct marketing production and the long-term relationships we’ve cultivated with vendors – give us both the know-how and the clout to make sure your job is produced and delivered on-time, at maximum cost efficiency, with the highest quality possible.

List Services

What H&J offers is unique: full service list brokerage and management that can help you lift response, lower costs, and make a difference you can measure in your bottom line.

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